Office Christmas parties

It’s the week of office Christmas parties. I’m going to two this year.

This is the week of office Christmas parties. As I do two jobs, I have two to go to, which in theory is a Good Thing. However, I feel kind of guilty not working flat out when I only do three or two days at each one. Plus, of course, there is still the same amount of work to do. Combined with this is the round of school plays, carol concerts, pyjama and popcorn days [just found out about this one], maths and science master course, etc, etc. Apparently the pyjama day was for rebel daughter’s class being exceptionally good. However, rebel daughter has no pyjamas which could be described as a) respectable [ie not missing several buttons] or b) winter wear [she is currently in cut-off summer gear]. This means the projected date of buying her winter pyjamas may have to be brought a couple of weeks forward. As the pyjama and popcorn day is on Thursday, when I have switched my days around on Wednesday to incorporate an office xmas party on Thursday, this leaves a very small window tomorrow before bonkers daughter’s Joseph extravaganza to buy said pyjamas.

Christmas is actually a full-time job and on top of that I have the part-time job of being pregnant. I dropped by the GP yesterday evening for a letter and saw a swine flu leaflet. I have been feeling I really ought to get the jab, but thought the GP would get in touch. Apparently, they were waiting for me to get in touch. I asked to book an appointment. They only do late mornings on Thursdays or early afternoons on Fridays. I work three days from home. None of them is a Thursday or Friday and late morning/early afternoon means basically taking the day off or reorganising my childcare yet again to swap the days around that I work away from home. I feel like I spend my entire life reorganising. I should get some sort of medal in organisational aptitude. If such a thing doesn’t exist, it should definitely be invented and working mums would win every time.

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