Office politics ‘the main drain on resilience’

Some 90% of men and women employees regard being resilient as a major factor in their career success with workplace relationships and office politics being the biggest drains on resilience, according to a study by Shapiro Consulting and for business sake consulting ltd.

The research was conducted to gather insights into the resilience of women who make it to the top of UK organisations and to share these insights with women in the pipeline to the top and the organisations that employ them.

Tough at the Top? found just 6% of people see their employers helping to build their resilience. The report also found that women and men leaders have developed their resilience through a combination of habitual behaviours, an optimistic outlook and some very effective crisis responses developed through drawing on their networks of professional, political and personal relationships.

It found more women (71 per cent) than men (64 per cent) wanted to improve their resilience. For women, managing office politics was the main energy drain cited by 76 per cent, which compared to 43 per cent who said the main test of their resilience was organising working life and non-work responsibilities.

The report calls for organisations to take a much more proactive approach than at present to helping people build their career resilience – in particular one that looks at the vital role of personal, professional and political relationships in building the resilience of people in the pipeline to the top.

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