Office workers want more flexible schedule

Over three quarters of UK office workers want a more flexible work schedule to boost job satisfaction in the absence of pay increases, according to new research by remote control and online meetings software provider, TeamViewer.

Its survey of 1,000 UK office workers also found 68% would like to work from home, whilst 50% would like to travel less for work reasons.

However, some 25% of respondents in the survey said they never work from home, whilst a further 18% rarely work from home. Only 26% could choose when they want to work from home and a further 22% said homeworking was flexible, but had to be agreed beforehand with their manager.

When asked what would improve their home working experience, 55% said faster connectivity, whilst 51% wanted to have access to all documents as if they were based in the office. Some 33% wanted their employer to make a contribution to their utility bills.

The survey highlighted homeworking habits. Fourteen per cent said they like to work in the garden and 7% work whilst cooking when they are at home. Thirteen per cent admitted to working whilst in bed and a further 5% said they had done work whilst in the bathroom.

Some 36% take tea and coffee breaks at the same time each day; 35% start work at the same time every day; 33% always shower before they start the working day; and 29% always finish work at the same time every day.

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