On the computer

Everyone in the neighbourhood is coming down with the mystery virus. Meanwhile I am on the computer all day.

Bonkers daughter was off again yesterday. She has been leaving carefully placed notes around saying "I am sick". She is a master of sickness. It is sometimes quite hard to know when she is well. She spent the entire day amusing herself, making stuff with her babies, including a baby car. She has one big imagination. At midday we had to pop round to the neighbours as all their three children were sick and my neighbour needed to go to the chemist to get antibiotics. She said they had had high temperatures and a cough. Oh oh, I thought. I could do without the swine flu this particular week. Luckily, it was not the swine flu. I had 20 million things to do for work with some last minute problems with the Festival I am helping to organise. Today, tomorrow and Saturday are likely to be very long days.
I picked up the girls from school and, inevitably, big girl daughter need the toilet as soon as she emerged. This is a regular occurence. I think she has a very weak bladder. She is managing a few dry nights, though, but only because my partner and I take her to the toilet every hour until we go to sleep. She is very proud of her achievement and wants to tell everyone. I got the girls home and basically, after a round of toasties, was on the computer non-stop. I am hoping to make it up to them some time before Christmas. PS I have just discovered a note which says rebel daughter is going on a school trip to a war museum and has to have a 1940s picnic and wear 1940s dress. Can you make that with a sheet??????

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