Out and about in Barcelona

It’s still hot and the heat is taking its toll. The other day I took the team to the centre of town to do some sketching. The aim was to encourage daughter one who is a bit behind in her art GCSE and needs to catch up over the holidays [her theme is food], but the other three are more enthusiastic. Only son spends hours perfecting his drawing of Spiderman and the Ninja Turtles.

We went to the bread shop, stopped at a bank and got the metro into town. Almost as soon as we got out, daughter three and only son said they were desperate for the toilet. We were in a posh part of town on the way to a bookshop [the quest for my brother’s books continues]. I gazed into the middle distance and lo, a huge golden M appeared. Hooray. We headed for McDonald’s.

While we were there we had a few nuggets and chips, but daughter two refused to eat them on the grounds of health. We headed out down the street and to the bookshop. About 15 minutes later daughter three complained of a headache and dizziness from the heat and looked on the point of collapse, daughter two said she was starving and would faint within seconds and only son said he was tired and needed to be carried. Oh dear. All the cafes in the near distance looked expensive.

We headed down a side street and found a Spanish-style fast-food restaurant [salads and baguettes]. Everyone felt instantly better. Only son had an ice cream. Daughter three laid down for a while and then had some food and drink and daughter two had a salad.

My partner arrived about half an hour later just as everyone was feeling better and we proceeded into town and to a famous fruit and veg market in the Ramblas. We’d decided to take some photos and then sketch from them in a cooler setting. Daughter one was horrified by the sheep heads and tried not to look. I suggested she divert her gaze to some full-bodied fruit further into the market. It was then that she informed me that her art project involved drawing junk food, something she had failed to mention at McDonald’s. She took some photos of chocolates and we bought some giant apples and headed home.

When we got there we couldn’t get into the room daughters two and three and only son share. They had left the window open and it had blown the door shut. The house is still being finished and the handle on the door had come off inside the room. The door wouldn’t open. We had visions of having to break the door down, which may not have gone down too well with my partner’s nephew, who owns the house.

Fortunately, I had spotted that the window was open wide enough for someone to squeeze in. The only problem was it was on the second floor and you had to climb over a balcony. We located a ladder and my partner started to climb up. It was his birthday and I had visions of him landing splat on the concrete below and me having to drag him to the nearest hospital. He put one leg over the balcony and seemed to get a bit stuck. Oh dear. He then rolled up his shorts and in one bound was over the balcony and the door was open.

So the house is still more of less intact. Only one more week to keep it that way…

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