Over a fifth of start-ups are second jobs

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Some 21% of start-ups launched in the last year were started as a second job, according to a survey by call answering service alldayPA.

The survey of 500 small businesses found the most common double job entrepreneurs are men between 25 and 34 years old.

The typical sectors where people launch businesses are digital services, e.g. website design, search engine marketing (18% of double job start-ups), PR and marketing (12%), design (11%) and HR (5%).

alldayPA reports increasing demand for call answering services from double-jobbers, with new accounts up 32% in the last year.

Reuben Singh, chief executive officer at alldayPA, said: “Ambitious entrepreneurs have been quick to embrace technology and services such as ours to help manage the transition from employment to running their own business.

“This is a trend the government should be reacting to by cutting red tape for second job start-ups and simplifying the tax structure to help balance PAYE with self-employment and dividend payments.

“Such businesses may start small, but they be major sources of employment and income, for years to come.”

The company currently employs 200 people who provide call answering service to 23,000 clients in a variety of industry sectors including professional services and legal, HR, IT, finance and property.

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