Over one in 10 professionals want to work fewer hours

The number of people who are doing more hours than they want to is similar to that doing fewer hours, according to statistics out today.

According to the Office for National Statistics, just under one in 10, or 3.0 million people, employed in the UK wanted to work more hours than they are currently employed to do and a similar number want to work fewer hours for less pay.

On average each underemployed worker would like to work an extra 11.3 hours per week. Over a fifth of those who are underemployed are in low skilled jobs. Part-time workers are much more likely to be underemployed than full timers. The North East has the highest percentage of underemployed workers. Over three quarters of underemployed workers want to work more hours in their current job.

However, the statistics also showed that 13.9% of professionals would like to work fewer hours. Those who are overemployed would like to work an average of 11.2 fewer hours than they currently do. The South West had the highest percentage of overemployed workers in Great Britain.


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