I don’t know about anyone else, but on a day to day basis I have a battle with some kind of packaging or other. I am sure the manufacturers sit in a room and create them like puzzles with great delight on their faces.

Well take it from a mum: it is time consuming, frustrating and can be at times dangerous for those attempting to remove or open.

Take today, for example… packaging item No 1. On making my daughters packed lunch for school I did not have a container which was not in the freezer or being used as a home for small toys by the kids. I had to revert to the cling film. I had a fight with the cling film and the cling film won. The serrated edge makes absolutely no difference or help as on using for the first time after opening the edge is all over the place and stuck to itself. Could I find the edge to pull, no. After several minutes with great skill the edge was found by which time I was ready to take my frustration out on it and so pulled it fast and hey presto I managed to pull off the smallest piece which was not even able to cover anything other than the end of my finger. And so the process started again. By the time I finished the packed lunch I could feel my stress levels had risen several notches.

Then onto the spread for the toast. The plastic lid is on and sealed so tight in my hurry I use my teeth to open it and give myself a paper like cut at the corner of my mouth. Wonderful, packing No 2 has also won.

No 3. I do not believe there is a person out there that has not experienced the frustration I am about to describe. I sit back whilst writing this and say to myself how many times have I done this and logic does not kick in. Why oh why do I not reach for the scissors right away and save myself the anger and frustration this causes. There is no point shaking your head in disbelief that they are sealed this way or questionning who on earth decided that it was a good idea. I am speaking about the cellophane wrappers on a new DVD case. I can never find the edge to be able to start the unwrapping process. I stand with it in my hand determined to get it off by finding that corner and using my nails to peal it back. Will I be defeated – no! Do I say to myself that I should go and get the scissors: no. I stand there like a fool scraping and scraping to get it off. I then relent by grabbing my car keys and jabbing them in the side opening of the case to break the seal. My stress levels by now have rocketed and the kids are looking at me in total shock as mum has once again had another fight with packaging.

Don’t get me started on the packing for toys nowadays: that needs a course of DIY skills to remove.

*Louise Smith is in her 40th year of life and currently runs a  and ever growing construction company along with her husband. She has three children and a busy life with challenges along the way. Living in East Lothian and with a little bit of humour, she juggles working life with being a mum and wife.

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