Parenting as it really is

Are your family larger than life? Do you love spending time with your kids but also find parenting can be chaotic and stressful?

The makers of ‘One Born Every Minute’ and ‘The Hotel’, Dragonfly Film and Television are working on a new TV series about raising children and family life. They are searching for families who would like to take part in what they say is a groundbreaking series about the ups and downs of being a parent. “We want to show what raising a family is really like – that it’s chaotic, exhausting and frustrating, as well as joyous, hilarious and fun,” they say.

The series aims to be heart-warming, engaging and entertaining. “Our aim is to give an honest portrayal of what it’s like to bring up children across the country,” says Kate Hitchen of Dragonfly.

If you’d like to know more, please contact: Kate on 020 7033 2306

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