Parents can’t afford much time away from the kids

Some 40 percent of parents admit to having less than one hour per week time out, away from their children, according to a survey of UK parents conducted by online childcare search site

The study also revealed that 37 percent of parents do not have informal childcare to rely upon such as friends, family and neighbours, meaning any time out that they take comes with a cost.

When asked how much ‘time out’ they managed to take during an average week, the majority of parents said just 0-1 hours (40%). When asked if they get enough time out for themselves, 61 percent of parents said they would really like to have more ‘time out’ from their children, to promote a healthy mind and relationship with their family.

Second to cost, a main barrier for parents using childcare to take time out for themselves is guilt – with more than 8 in 10 parents saying they  fekt uncomfortable about paying a childcare professional to care for their children while they take ‘time out’ – not to work, but just as a breather (82%).



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