Part Time Job Offer Letter

If you have found the perfect employee for your part time job vacancy, now is the time to send them a part time job offer letter to formalise the offer of employment and lay out all the details in writing.

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Below you can find an offer letter template, along with some suggestions of things to consider which you can add to or delete as appropriate for the role you are recruiting for.

It includes all the details you need to confirm the offer to the candidate.

Part time job offer template (including tips & examples)


[On Company headed paper]


Candidates’ Name



Post Code

Your Company Name



Post Code



Dear [Candidate Name]


Following  your recent interview, I am pleased to be writing to you to offer you the post of [insert title of job] on a part time basis.

Your commencing salary will be £[XXX] gross [per annum] based upon a total of [XX] hours per week, giving an hourly rate of £[XX]. And/or your working hours are equal to <<percentage>> of full time hours.  Your salary will be payable by [name how this will be paid]. [Your employment does/ does not attract bonus payments. If it does, then give details of the bonus]

You will be employed at the Company’s offices at [input address here. If home based, state that their main place of work will be at home], On appointment, you will report to [Insert line manager’s name].

Your other main terms and conditions of business are as follows:

  • Hours of work – [Insert number – for example, 25] per week, [Insert the days and times – for example, Monday to Friday, 9am-2.00pm.
  • Holiday entitlement – Your pro-rated holiday entitlement is [Insert number] hours per year plus [Insert number] bank holidays. (Part time workers are entitled to bank holidays). The holiday year runs from [Insert dates – for example, April 1 – March 31]
  • Company pension – [Insert where more information can be found, further information to be included with employment contract]
  • Notice period – [Insert details – for example, during the probationary period, one week’s notice by you or the employer; after the probationary period, one month’s notice by you or the employer]

This job offer is made subject to satisfactory results from necessary pre-employment checks, such as your references and your legal right to work in the UK. If you have not already provided these please present them on your first day.

You will also be subject to a probationary period of [Insert length here– usually three or six months] which you must be completed satisfactorily. Your performance will be monitored and discussed with you during this period.

Full details of the positions terms and conditions of employment will be given to you either a Written Statement of Terms and Conditions of Employment or a Contract of Employment within a maximum of 8 weeks of you starting work.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact me on [phone number and email address]

To accept this offer, please sign and date the attached copy of this letter below, and send this letter and signed copy back to the address above.

We are delighted to offer you this opportunity, and look forward to you joining the company and working with you.

This letter is part of your terms and conditions of employment.

Yours sincerely,

[Insert name]

[Insert job title]

For addition to the copy of the letter, for the successful candidate to return

I am very pleased to accept the job offer on the terms and conditions outlined in this letter.


Signed:            ……………………………………………..


Name in full:    ……………………………………………..


Dated:             ……………………………………………..

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