Part-time jobs harder to find in London, says report

Part-time jobs are less easy to find in London resulting in women being less likely to be in jobs in the capital than elsewhere in the UK, according to a new study.

The Part-time employment in London report, published by the General London Assembly, says the employment rate in London is lower than that in the rest of the UK; that the gap for women is wider still; and that the gap for women with dependent children is even wider.

In addition, the share of all jobs that are part-time in London remains below the equivalent share in the UK overall, despite having closed somewhat in recent years.

It points to a series of factors that might be lying behind the differences, including the higher costs of living in London, which may, it says, not be effectively accounted for by the national tax and benefits system, and the direct and indirect costs of travelling to work.

It adds that a more ethnically diverse population as well as other ‘characteristics’ of London’s population could also play an important role in explaining the employment gap between the capital and the rest of the UK. It says that other factors on the demand side, which prevent businesses in London from offering part-time jobs, may also be adding to the problem, for example, because of a belief on the part of firms that part-time workers may be more costly to employ and less loyal or committed than full-time workers.


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