Part-time professional jobs ‘one of the biggest losers in the recession’

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The majority of working mums think professionals seeking part-time jobs have taken a real hit during the recession, according to a poll.

The poll of over 125 women found that 63% felt those wanting to work part-time have been one of the biggest losers in the recession. Some 25% disagreed and 12% were undecided.

Although figures from the Office for National Statistics suggest more people than ever are involuntarily working part time because they can’t find full time work, has noticed a big increase in questions to its experts suggesting women who want to work part time are having their requests turned down. And despite being set up to promote flexible working, there are still few jobs that are openly advertised as being part time, particularly at a senior level.


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One woman who responded to the poll said: “You barely hear of any part time management roles available. I’ve never seen a single one.

Another commented: “They seem to be getting rid of all the part-timers where I work, by getting them to work full time or leaving.”

And another said: “With a wealth of knowledge and experience held by many current mothers, it would make sense for businesses to invest in more child-friendly hours. I strongly believe that a workforce that is flexible will be 100 times more productive than one that believes in traditional working hours and values. Women have so much to offer.”

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  • Anu Singh says:

    It is very true, u barely find professional wealth management roles also with flexible hours….so with 2kids at home we en up only making our knowledge and experience redundant…

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