How to find part time work from home jobs

Want to work from home on a part-time basis? These days there are lots of good, fairly paid remote jobs – and since the pandemic many companies are actively hiring work-from-home employees.

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There are two challenges in getting a part-time work from home job – finding a role to suit you, and successfully landing the role. These are often popular positions with lots of applicants.

Finding a part-time, work from home job

As with any role, you will need to look for jobs that match your skill set. Any employer will be looking for someone that has experience of a similar job.

The good news is that it’s easier than ever to find work-from-home jobs. Most job boards these days will state whether flexible working is available and whether this is part-time or flexible hours, remote working or both.

So the first step is to decide exactly what you are looking for. Is it a job that’s purely based at home, or would you be happy to work in an office one or two days a week? Are you prepared to travel? Some jobs are field-based, which means you will cover a certain territory, holding meetings and working from home or local offices.

What does part-time mean to you? Is there a maximum number of hours or days you can work per week? Could you work longer hours on some days to condense your working week?

Consider too what are the minimum earnings you will accept. By being clear about your needs for a role, you can narrow down the search and avoid wasting anyone’s time.

Searching for part-time work from home jobs

It’s easier than ever to find part time work from home jobs, as jobs sites are so efficient. Register with two or three sites – both the major names and others that specialise in flexible jobs, like workingmums.

These sites will let you set up a daily search so that you’re alerted to jobs that meet your criteria. It’s then a question of identifying the jobs you’re most suitable for and applying online.

What are the top part time work from home jobs?

There are roles in all kinds of sectors today, and you will probably have an idea of whether there are suitable jobs in your area of expertise.

Some of the most popular positions for home working include:

In many cases, work-from-home jobs are part-time, commission-based, or pay a lump sum for a completed project. Consider whether this approach would work for you or whether you need an employed role with all the benefits.

There are certain roles where it pays to become freelance – which means setting up your own business and selling your services to various clients. Again this can be profitable for some, but brings with it a number of risks.

Avoiding work from home scams

Scammers are active in all kinds of areas of our lives today, and the world of job searching is no exception. If something seems too good to be true, it probably is.

There are a number of work-at-home jobs to avoid. These might include assembly jobs, multi-level marketing, claims processing, and stuffing envelopes. Many of these positions require you to pay money upfront, and you see little to no earnings.

Read the listing carefully. Is there a salary? Will you be paid on commission only? Will you need to buy equipment? Then research the company – this is easy to do online. If there’s any doubt, avoid the job. And remember that no legitimate employer will ask you to pay them a fee for any reason.

Finally, never respond to an unsolicited email unless it’s very clear how the sender has got your details.

Getting through to interview for a work from home job

Finding a role to apply for is just the first step. Spend time getting your CV in great shape, ready to apply for a role. Always write a cover letter if there’s a way to submit one, explaining why you’re interested in the role and how your skills and experience match what the employer is looking for.

Sometimes it pays to seek out an email address and contact the recruiter direct, rather than following the online application process. It’s more challenging to stand out in an online form.

Once you’ve landed your interview, explore our site for great tips to help you succeed.

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