Pay gap more than trebles when women hit their 30s

TUC research shows pay discrimination due to a "motherhood penalty". Plus other news.  

The pay gap between men and women more than trebles when women hit their thirties and peaks in their 40s due to a “motherhood penalty”, according to research by the TUC. 
Researchers found that, at 16 women earn 9.7% more than men, but from the age of 18 they earn less than men. In their 20s, the gap is 3.3%, but it rises to 11.2% in their thirties and 22.8% in their forties. 
Part of the problem was that mothers did not feel they could put in the long hours and intensive work required of senior managers while bringing up a family. 
Pay discrimination was worse for women taking part-time jobs to balance work and family life with women often changing job or employer and taking on lower paid part-time work. 
The pay gap for women doing part-time work hit a high of 41.2% in their forties. The TUC estimates that the wastage of women’s skills costs the economy around £11billion a year. It wants the government to make equal pay audits compulsory in the private sector where it says the pay gap is worst. 
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Child care site opens with parents’ comments about nurseries 

A new online service offering parents information to help them select where to send their child to nursery or preschool has been launched. child care allows parents and other carers to give their own comments about nurseries and share them with others. The site’s search function allows parents to look for all the nurseries in their area. 
There is also a discussion forum where parents can offer advice and discuss issues and news and information sections. 
Lisa O’Neill, founder of, said: “Which nursery or pre-school to send your child to is a huge decision for parents fraught with guilt and the desire to get it right the first time, however, there was no easy to access central resource that contained all the information. 
"The child care site provides details of facilities at the click of a mouse but more importantly also features really useful anecdotes from parents whose children have had first hand experience of these nurseries. These personal insights can make a big difference in helping mums and dads make the right decision and it is this type of information that is not readily available from more formal literature. We know from talking to parents that many nurseries in particular are often shortlisted based upon word of mouth recommendations from friends and other family members.” Child Care can be accessed via the link on the home page.

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