Should my pay rise be pro rata?

When I started my contract of employment my hours stated 36.75 over 5 days with a salary of £30,000. It doesn’t state anywhere about it being pro rata.

I then changed my working pattern to  condensed hours working 35.5 hours over four days. My wage was not altered and this was agreed by our MD.

I had my pay review the other day and my boss has stipulated that my pay rise is based on a 37.5 hour contract. Is that enforceable if there is no mention of a 37.5 hour standard week and I have never agreed to it? Basically I have been told that my pay rise is being pro rata’d so I lose £2,500.

I feel like, although my wage wasn’t altered when I changed my hours, I am now being penalised for not working a 37.5 hour week.

Your pay rise should be based on what you are receiving now, if it doesn’t state anywhere to the contrary.

Otherwise, it seems unfair to pro-rata it and also unjustifiable unless your employer has some form of basis for the same having never mentioned it before.

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