Paying back enhanced maternity pay

I work in a school that has become an academy. When it became an academy all of my contract was transferred from the local authority in a TUPE agreement. I have recently been on maternity leave and all of my maternity leave was administered through the local authority. I have a job interview for a job in another school that is still a local authority school. If I got the job would I have to pay my OMP back to the school I am currently working for or would my continuous service count if I was moving to a local authority school?

I am assuming that you have been paid  in accordance with the burgundy book which means you have to return for 13 weeks otherwise you are liable to repay the maternity leave. You do, however, need to check the specific terms of your contract. I have assumed that the transfer has taken place whilst you have been on maternity leave.

If you are moving from an academy trust to the local authority your employer will change. Your continuous employment will have been continued as part of the transfer, but if you move to a completely new employer then your continuous service will not carry over. I would recommend getting specialist advice and having your contract reviewed.

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