‘People forget five things a day due to busy lives’

People are so busy they forget on average five important facts or tasks every day, according to a survey for Avery Office & Consumer Products.

Forgetting to call people back at work and replying to emails are the most common jobs which slip people’s minds during hectic shifts at the office.

Failing to remember colleagues’ names, leaving things on the printer and forgetting to bring a packed lunch also featured high on the list, the poll of 2,000 people showed.

More than one in two people blamed ‘trying to do too much’ as a reason for forgetting things with others simply blaming ‘stress’. A quarter said they were relied on to remember too much and a fifth said there weren’t enough hours in the day for them to get on top of everything that needed to be done.

Marketing director Gregg Corbett said: ”This research demonstrates exactly what workers up and down the country feel: that modern life is very demanding and things can easily be forgotten and left off to-do lists.

”People have so much to do in their lives that the most basic things like remembering to bring lunch to work or replying to important emails are being completely forgotten about. This then causes further complications when we try to correct things that we’ve overlooked, adding even more things to our ever growing list of daily tasks.”

More than half of the top ten list of things people forget are household chores. Forgetting to take the meat out of the freezer, forgetting to water the plants and forgetting to take out the rubbish were common mistakes people made and one in five said they forgot to take the washing out of the washing machine.

One in ten said they regularly leave the house without any money and a similar amount leave without house keys.

One in five get stumped trying to remember all of our passwords and a quarter of us end up with a dead battery on our mobile phone after forgetting to charge it. A further twelve per cent forget to turn their alarm clocks off and nearly one in ten find they start the washing up and then conveniently forget about it.

More than half of respondents said that they found themselves forgetting things more as they got older and seven out of ten said they were completely dependent on lists to keep themselves organised. Over twenty per cent have got in to trouble at work for forgetting to do things and more than half say they wish they had an extra pair of hands or more hours in the day.

People in London seem to forget things more than any other area, perhaps reflecting the busy working lives of many Londoners.

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  • Jill youngman says:

    How can those things e.g. packing your lunch be forgotton? They are basic things that adults do. Once you establish a routine,structure etc it will be come 2nd nature for the rest of your life! I can but assume these forgetful types are lazy or not organised or have attention deficit disorder. They make a rod for their own back and effect others too..grow up!

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