Pit stop to breast feed


So, with spring kicking in, my vintage VW Camper wedding and holiday hire business is starting to hit the busy season. It is a great job that fits beautifully around childcare – however, having just had a baby in January, I faced an interesting challenge last week!

I had a campervan hired out as a wedding car, and I was the driver. My husband was at home looking after the children. I must have been out for about five hours, and as a breastfeeding mum, I was starting to feel rather uncomfortable! I had anticipated this, and brought my manual breast pump. The only problem was finding a suitable time and place to pump.

I did not feel happy trying to express parked outside the Church or reception, as the campervan attracts lots of attention decked in ribbons and bows…

white vw camper wedding

So after the wedding job, I drove down a quiet residential street, drew the curtains in the camper and set to work. It was quite peaceful and I had some nice music on… although I did feel a bit awkward!

You often read articles with business Mums working in the city, with special rooms set up for them to use breast pumps during the day… but if you are on the road, it can be tricky!!! Luckily, with this being my second child, I am a lot more relaxed about it this time!


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