Planning ahead

I am writing about the new year before I have even started Christmas.

Another busy Monday as everyone in the land of work acts as if they are in some sort of siege and the whole world will close down for months, when we are basically just talking about one day. I’m currently preparing articles for January, which is a bit odd. Writing about fitness and new year resolutions when we have yet to overindulge to build the case for the fitness/new year resolutions. I would like to have time to get fit. I would like to have time to write a novel. Or even to put the clothes on at the back of my wardrobe which need ironing and which I bypass every day for that very reason.

I still can’t quite believe that I am pregnant. I keep thinking that the speed of my everyday life is going to damage the baby somehow. Sometimes I have to remember to breathe in the middle of the morning or evening rush. That can’t be good news for the baby. Plus the smaller ones keep jumping on me. They can’t see the baby so they keep forgetting it is there. Bonkers daughter has started singing to it though. She seems very pro baby, which is interesting, given that she is feeling very hard done by in generalat the moment. She still recalls with bitter resentment the fact that her grandmother took big girl daughter to Pizza Express for lunch after her first week at school. She had the misfortune to have mummy take the afternoons off in her first week and mummy was juggling ten million things at the time and didn’t have time for lunch at Pizza Express.
I tried to make up for it at the weekend by taking her to a cafe. We had a great time, talking about all sorts of things. She is planning to plant a tree in the garden and make a vegetable patch. She also wants a hammock for her bedroom. It’s always good to be one step ahead of her next scheme. She has just made a cot out of cardboard and says that I can use it for the baby, which is good news because currently we have no baby gear whatsoever. We gave every single thing away when we moved. I am hoping she is also going to build a baby car seat and a pram in the coming weeks.

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