I fell asleep even earlier than usual after a day of GP visits, work and playdates.

We are in meltdown or, more accurately, I am in meltdown. I had two of bonkers daughters’ friends round yesterday. I could no longer bear the playground pleas to invite someone, anyone, NOW because "I am soooo lonely". That girl does drama very well. Rebel daughter was off school again with the mystery throat virus and a whole collection of symptoms which could or could not be linked. I decided that I should contact the GP, mainly because they showed no sign of getting any better and could possibly all have been part of some terrible new throat/stomach/foot disease.  Another major reason was that I knew if I didn’t ring they would no doubt get worse by around Thursday which is when I do my other job which is not working from home. Plus, if I left it till Wednesday to ring the GP would inevitably be full up and not able to give me an appointment till the next day.
As it is, big girl daughter has a school assembly [she is a horse] on Friday so I may have to beg a favour. Plus there’s all the ante-natal stuff which I am trying to schedule for times which least affect work. I am nothing if not flexible.

Poor rebel daughter spent the whole day reading and tending to the guinea pig wars. Guinea pig number one who used to bully guinea pig number two has finally had the tables turned and guinea pig number two has bitten him in the back. It’s quite a nasty gash. I have had words, but I don’t think I am speaking the right language so I have given up on words and have resorted to the language of vegetables. I am withholding the carrots until he is nicer to his mate. In the afternoon we were joined by bonkers daughter’s posse who disappeared upstairs to get into white dresses and marry Sharkboy.
Bonkers daughter bid them all farewell at the point at which I could no longer continue without a long session on the sofa with a hot chocolate. "We’ll arrange the sleepover for my birthday," she said as she waved them goodbye. Since rebel daughter’s ill-fated "sleep"over at Christmas, I have been heavily promoting a family day out to Legoland for bonkers daughter’s birthday. It doesn’t seem to be working.

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