Power of the pen

Mary-Lu Bakker is co-founder of Notting Hill Post, formerly known as Pavlova Diaries. She is a trained journalist having worked at BBC Wildlife Magazine and New Scientist amongst others. She was living in Zimbabwe when love brought her to London and she now lives with her family in Notting Hill.

Armed with two children, cum neigbour cum friend/business partner and the power of the pen, Mary-Lu Bakker set up what is now Notting Hill Post, formerly known as Pavlova Diaries.  Why Pavlova (a meringue-based dessert) I asked her curiously?  She answered – “every time you have an interaction with someone it changes you, just like meringue is a result of modified egg”.  What started as free local blog now has 8,000 readers.  Mary-Lu and her partner Amanda Waggott have now embarked on making a business out of it, while still maintaining its core focus – neighbourhood Notting Hill news with a neighbourhood feel.  With an advertising plan, which seems very reasonable for small businesses, you get a spot on a much coveted local webazine.

Amidst yummy marzipan and conversations about mindfulness, a topic we both had a lot to talk about, she shares her plans for the Post with me – “We would love for there to be a Chelsea Post and a Kensington Post!!!! Also, we will have a dual-pricing structure making it cheaper for small business that can’t afford high advertising rates.” She has seen many mothers who have re-invented themselves and partnered with each other to start businesses, something I completely agree with.  In my daughter’s class of seventeen alone, I have seen three mothers re-train themselves to do something to work around their children.  On the Notting Hill Post website is Laviandbelle London, a business run by two ex-lawyers who turned to jewellery making as their children grew.  It is many businesses such as this one that Mary-Lu would like to target and others who need to target the readership that she has.  Get in touch with her on www.nottinghillpost.com.


*Deepali Nangia works as a freelance business consultant helping entrepreneurs shape their ideas into businesses and their businesses into bigger ones!  Deepali also provides career guidance and counseling services.  She is a mother of two, loves the arts and is a strong supporter of women in business.  She can be found on www.empowerbizsupport.com or nangia.deepali@gmail.com.  

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