Preparing for the future of work conference, 5th June

Preparing for the future of work: a one-day conference organised by and hosted by the Department for Business, 5th June

Preparing for the future of work: a one-day conference organised by and hosted by the Department for Business, 5th June

10am-4pm, Department for Business Conference Centre, Westminster 

Is there more we can do to maximise the potential benefits arising from the changing nature of work? and its partners have been carrying out a global study examining the nature of the wide-ranging changes in how work is carried out. The report will be launched at the conference. As work becomes more capable of being carried out in new places and with fewer physical resources, organisations are becoming more aware of how working smarter enables them to do more with less. Meanwhile, employees are adopting a range of flexible working options to enable them to balance work better with their other needs and aspirations in life. But – can we be much more ambitious in our aims for working smarter? Many of the assumptions that underlie approaches to how organisations operate, how we plan for the location of homes and work and how we plan for economic growth are rooted in Industrial Age experience. With each passing year policy and planning increasingly lag behind the realities of the changing world we live in. 

The report and conference set out new ways forward. And the delegates to the conference are the people who will make the difference. 

Aims and emphasis of the conference 
This conference will examine: 
– The nature and extent of workplace change 
– Further changes coming over the horizon 
– How organisations should adapt 
– The impacts for how government works 
– The impacts for public policy – economic growth, planning, housing, 
transport, sustainability and inclusion 
– Potential benefits and how to maximize them 
– Building the networks to take forward positive change. 

Speakers will include: 
– Jeroen Hoencamp, CEO Vodafone 
– Paul Clark, MD Plantronics UK & Ireland 
– Andy Lake, author of Smart Flexibility and of the new UK Civil Service Guidelines on Smart Working 
– Tim Dwelly, Director, Workhubs Network 
– Case studies 
– Workshops exploring the directions of change. 

Delegates will receive a copy of the report.

Who should attend: 

Senior decision makers in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors, especially from Strategy, Property, Finance, HR, Facilities, IT functions and managers charged with developing business transformation and flexible working projects in their companies. 

How to Register: 
Email or call Andy Lake: or 01223 304792. The conference is free.

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