Presentation skills

Nicole Martin has some tips on presentation skills.

As well as the usual look smart, stand tall, look calm and be confident, here are some other tips and ideas.

When you are stating a benefit such as “you should use my services because they will save you time and money in the long run”, always ask a question after. Such as “I am sure you would like to save money in this tough time, wouldn’t you?” Such questions help people resonate with the situation therefore making things more personal. Such questions also help with closing and selling too.

There is nothing worse than listening to a presenter who is either going through the motions or who has lost their train of thought or is simply unengaging, so what can you do to keep things alive? There are techniques you can use to keep things moving and alive during a presentation such as moving around, using your hands, asking for audience participation, asking for hands up,or giving out and referring to hand outs.

Here is an example of the journey your presentation could take:

Intro – set the scene and give background.

Today I am talking to you about wearing the right colours. I never used to take notice of my fashion until so on and so forth.

Mention dips/struggles

It wasn’t until so and so forth

Now I aim to do xx for you and your contacts by introducing the right colours and so on and so forth

Would you like to hear more?

Ask for hands up.


Remember – RARARA







Build in the senses also where possible – sight, sound, hear, sound. These work very well.

Don’t show your nerves, look interested and good luck!

*Nicole Martin is director of Pinpoint Marketing Consultancy Ltd.

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