Pressure steps up on Chancellor for a family-friendly budget

Children’s charities and lobby groups write to the Chancellor asking him for a ‘fair deal for families’ in this week’s Budget.

Family campaigning groups, charities and unions have written an open letter to the Chancellor calling on him to make Wednesday’s Budget a ‘fair deal for families’.

The open letter, signed by charities and lobby groups ranging from 4Children to Working Families, says research shows that making ends meet is now a bigger concern for British mothers than violent crime.

It says: "There is now overwhelming evidence that millions of British families are on the brink of a cost of living crisis which in turn risks holding back our nation’s economic recovery. In total it is calculated that households are spending over £300 more per month on essential bills than they were in 2011. This is at the time when both the Institute for Fiscal Studies and government’s own analysis recognise that families with children are being hit hardest by cuts to benefits and tax credits."

The letter states that parents are cutting back on essentials due to the economic situation which is having a "huge and detrimental impact on children’s lives and learning".

It points out that pensioners have been a special case in the past and asks that the Chancellor considers a similar case for families. It states: "The Prime Minister once promised to make this the most ‘family friendly nation in Europe’ a commitment that is sounding increasingly hollow for families dipping into savings or going into debt to get through the month."

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