Public sector will need to fill 2.1m vacancies by 2015/16

The public sector will have to fill 2.1m vacancies by 2015/16, despite job losses over the next year, according to a report from the Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR) and

It says the job vacancies will be the result of natural churn and suggests ways the public sector can reduce recruitment costs by £2.5bn. The report comes as an analysis by the Guardian newspaper shows some 100,000 people in the public sector could be handed redundancy notices over the Christmas period since employers need to cut staff before the new financial year in April and most need to give staff a 90-day notice period.

The new report recommends that public sector organisations try to do more recruiting internally, post most jobs online to save costs and advertise on publicly accessible job boards rathter than just on their own websites to get a wider diversity of applicant.

Richard Greenwood, managing economist, CEBR, says: “Even in the face of shrinking headcount, the public sector will still have to recruit in droves in the coming years owing to natural churn.

“At a time of intense scrutiny of all facets of public sector spending, it is more critical than ever that all cost efficiencies are realised – the £2.5bn opportunity offered by increased use of the online channel for recruitment represents an ideal chance for public sector bodies to boost their productivity and do more for less.”


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