Public sector workers find it most difficult to switch off after work

Depressed businesswoman

Businesswoman holding her head in her hands

Public sector workers in the health, education and government/politics fields are more affected by the stress and worry that can affect sleep quality, new survey results suggest.

A YouGov survey of 1,401 working adults in the UK, commissioned by bed retailer Time 4 Sleep, shows 75 per cent of those in the health sector said their job was stressful, along with two-thirds (66 per cent) of respondents from both the education and government/politics sectors. When subsequently asked how difficult it was to switch off after a day at work, the same three sectors polled highest once again for difficulty levels (health 54 per cent, education & government/politics both 51 per cent).

However, when it came to use of technology in the two hours before going to bed – another factor which studies have shown to have a negative influence on getting to sleep – it was the more business-driven sectors which saw the highest response rate. Respondents in sales were found to use an electrical device in the two hours before going to sleep most frequently, with 71 per cent saying they use electronic devices within the two hours before they go to sleep seven days a week, followed by finance and accounting workers (69 per cent).


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