‘Quarter of employees would not swap flexibility for more pay’

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A quarter of people – and 47% of those over 55 – state that no increase in salary would make them forgo flexibility at work, according to research.

The Work that keeps the UK working: how flexible working can help power 24-hour Britain in a post-Brexit age report by workforce management software organisation Quinyx surveyed 2,018 full and part-time employees in the UK who work both fixed and non-fixed hours. It also found that 36% of respondents would need at least a 31% increase in their salary if they were to waive flexibility at work.

More than one in 10 (17%) of respondents think that their schedule suggests that their employer does not care about their wellbeing outside of work, as 10% believe their family life is suffering because of a lack of flexibility at work and 15% feel isolated from family and friends due to their schedule.

Around 80% of respondents aged between 16 and 24 said they face barriers to achieving more flexible work schedules; linked to this, only 17% of employees surveyed stated that their employer proactively offered flexible working arrangements. Around 16% of respondents believe their manager would react badly to a request for greater flexibility and 15% worry that requesting flexible working would impact negatively on promotions and career progression. A further 15% also think that flexible working arrangements makes schedule planning too difficult for their managers.

A fifth (20%) of employees who work shifts put the ability to pick and choose their own shifts at the top of their priority list with regards to flexibility, while 16% prioritise the ability to change or swap shifts at late notice.


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