‘A quarter of women have considered leaving their job due to the menopause’

Older workers, working mum


Half of women say the menopause has made their work life worse and a quarter say they have considered leaving their jobs because of the menopause, according to a survey for an ITV progamme.

There are estimated to be around 3.5m women over 50 in the UK and, according to ITV’s Tonight programme, one in four women suffer significant symptoms while going through the menopause.

The Tonight programme’s survey found that 85% of women believe there should be occupational health guidelines for menopausal workers.

As part of the programme, the Faculty of Occupational Medicine (FOM) launched guidance on menopause in the workplace.

The guidelines include practical, low-cost measures on how to improve workplace environments for menopausal women.

President of FOM, Dr Richard Heron said that the actions that can be taken by companies are “what you’d expect any employer who seeks to attract and retain and diverse and inclusive workforce”.

But two-thirds of the women surveyed said they had no support at work.

Dr Heron said that with more women at work potentially experiencing menopausal symptoms, it is an occupational health issue for employers.

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