Recession pushes mums into doing more than one job

A large number of working mums are looking for second jobs to supplement part-time or low paid jobs, according to a poll.

A large number of working mums are looking for second jobs to supplement part-time or low paid jobs, according to a poll.

The poll of 259 women found 48% said they were looking for a second job. Some 20% already did a second job and 32% were not seeking a second job.

The results show that the economic recession is pushing many women into taking extra work to get by.

The poll sparked a discussion after one woman asked why anyone should have more than one job when so many people were unemployed. She said: “Surely it would be better to share the work and help others out.” 

Her remarks were followed by comments from a number of working mums who said they could not manage on the wages of just one job. One single mum with three children said she had had her hours and her salary cut by £15k. Her tax credits had also been reduced and her rent had gone up. “I need extra income to meet my everyday living expenditure, liabilities and childcare cost for the kids as this is now a struggle,” she said.

Another mum said tax credit cuts had left her nearly £100 a week down on money. “We now struggle to feed the kids, let alone ourselves,” she said. If she worked full time in one job she would not be any better off due to childcare costs so she was looking for a second part-time job to fit around her partner’s working hours.

Another mum said many people took a second job as they were not able to find a full-time job or because they could not work one full-time job due to childcare arrangements. Working two part-time jobs, she said, meant you had more flexibility.

A single mum agreed. She said: “I became a single mother recently and I started working as a cleaner via an agency and I earn £7 per hour. I cannot really do a full-time job as I am only able to work during the school hours as I do not have any relatives nearby to look after my child. The childcare costs are not that cheap. I am looking for a second job that I can do within the school hours as I do need extra income. When it’s summer holidays it will cost me a fortune to pay for play groups, camps etc…”

Another mum blamed low pay on having to do more than one job. And one said she was doing three jobs. She said: “It’s mainly because life has become so expensive and I want to do things like go on holiday and have a nice house, days out with my children etc, so to enable me to do this. I work hard, normally at night when they’re asleep and I sleep whilst they’re at school. It’s madness really.”

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