Report proposes fast track for gig economy cases

A report by Frank Field proposes a fast track for cases involving employment status.

gig economy


The government should create a fast-track system for employment tribunals involving gig economy cases with employment status at the heart, according to a report from the independent MP Frank Field.

The report published by Field, who is chair of the work and pensions select committee, also calls for the introduction of a single labour market regulator.

The report says long court cases mean people are not getting access to employment rights associated with worker status fast enough. It adds that employers are not applying rulings by tribunals on a company-wide basis, arguing instead that they only apply to the individuals involved in the court case.

Field says the onus currently falls on individuals to take their employer to court because of the lack of any enforcement mechanism to prevent misclassification of employment status.

The government has laid out plans for labour market reform and is expected to publish proposals on a single labour market enforcement body, that would bring together work currently carried out by HMRC, the Gangmasters and Labour Abuse Authority and other bodies. However, there is concern among MPs about how long such measures are taking to get through Parliament.

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