Retraining after having children

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Training is a big issue for working mums – whether it is missing out on training and career progression due to working flexibly or retraining into a different career after having children and possibly taking a career break.

Our annual surveys consistently show high levels of demand for retraining and last year’s survey showed 52% of part timers say they have missed out on career progression opportunities or training.

It also found 64% of women were interested in retraining and that 20% had retrained in the last 12 months. 71% said they would be more likely to retrain if courses were more flexible.

Over the next few weeks we will be highlighting women who have retrained and new courses geared to flexible learners as the new school year approaches.

New Courses Board has also just launched its new courses board. You can search the board in various ways: by subject area, by course level [beginners, intermediate or advanced], by certified course, course type [part time, full time, sandwich or short] or study method [whether the course is classroom-based, online, via distance learning or blended].

The aim is to make it easier for you to find the course that suits you if you are considering retraining or developing your skills in your sector.

Our research shows there are a myriad of reasons women choose to retrain after having children, ranging from wanting a job in a sector which they deem to be more flexible or nearer to home to feeling their progression has been blocked in the sector they are in. However, changing values and priorities seems to be a key motivation, with many looking to move into a sector which they feel is more meaningful for them.

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