Retraining in coding for a flexible career

Retraining working mums


When thinking about a career change, have you ever considered coding?

Every day all of us visit different websites and use multiple apps – these are all built by using code. Essentially, code is a set of rules and instructions that we give a computer which bridges the gap between human language and computer language.

Everyone has the ability to learn to code. You really don’t need to be a maths genius or ‘techie’. All you need is the motivation to learn and time to practice. You’ll be able to use skills you’ve developed in previous jobs and other experiences to help you – like problem-solving, basic maths, an eye for detail and the ability to Google.

Due to the digital skills gap, employers are constantly looking to hire people with technical understanding. As our world becomes more and more digital, the number of technical jobs needing to be filled is increasing. A recent report found that there are over seven million jobs which require coding skills, and programming jobs, overall, are growing 12% faster than the market average. By learning how to code, you’ll have an in-demand skill. And the joy of learning how to code is that you can never know it all. A big part of it is learning how to learn.

Flexible careers

Coding can also be part of a great flexible career to help you break away from the 9-5 and be in control of your own work/life balance. Many coding jobs can be done remotely at hours that suit you.

You can work for a company, be a freelancer or use coding as a way to up-skill in your current profession. Kelly Jacobson Collins is a mum of two boys and is currently learning to code online with 23 Code Street.  She has been working as a product manager for several years and wanted to learn to code to be able to work alongside tech teams with confidence and work flexibly around her children- you can read her blog here.

At first, learning to code may seem daunting, a bit like learning a new language, but you’ll soon start to realise how it all pieces together and that is a hugely rewarding feeling. You can’t help but feel proud after you’ve built your first proper web page- something you’ve written, now lives online.

Halimatou is mum of three and learnt to code last year to help find flexible work within the tech industry. Being a complete beginner, she was nervous and doubted if she would be able to complete her course.  She’s now full of confidence and encourages mums to learn to code with this advice: “ It’s time to push aside your doubts and pursue your goals. Who cares if you left school ages ago? The only thing that matters is your willingness to start something and to follow your dreams.”

*This blog was written by 23 Code Street,  a coding school for all women.  For every paying student, they teach digital skills to a disadvantaged woman in the slums of Mumbai. Their Daytime Webinar Course: Beginner’s Web Development starts on the 12th September and lasts for three months. Click HERE to find out more information and email any questions to [email protected].


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