Retraining stories: from trading communications specialist to copywriter

Louise Fowen talks to about retraining as a copywriter.

Working from home with a tidy office


Louise Fowen was a trading communications specialist until she retrained as a copywriter. She talks to about how she did it and the challenges she has faced in part two of our focus on retraining. What job were you doing before you retrained?

Louise Fowen: I worked as a Trading Communications Specialist.

WMs: When did you retrain and did that result in a career change?

LF: I retrained starting from May 2018 – it’s an ongoing process! I have started my own business as a Freelance Copywriter, – launched in around November 2018. Still finding my feet and trying to get work though.

WMs: If so, are you working more flexibly?

LF: Yes, I work from home and make up my own hours.

WMs: Are you paid more, less or the same?

LF: At the moment I’m hardly making any money as I’ve found out it’s tough finding clients! I hope to make more than before once it’s off the ground, but I can see this taking a while yet.

WMs: What motivated you to retrain?

LF: I was made redundant in my old job and started job searching. However, finding jobs that were local enough to get back for school runs, flexible, paid enough and that I was qualified for seemed impossible. I had a good redundancy package so I could take the time to retrain without working too. .

WMs: How many children do you have and what are their ages?

LF: One daughter aged 11 – about to start senior school in September.

WMs: Would you recommend retraining?

LF: Definitely – but you need money behind you to be able to do it.

WMs: Did it take you a while to come up with the plan to retrain? Did you look at other options?

LF: I spent a month updating my CV and going on courses that were based around looking for employment. Then I spent three months job hunting.  After that I decided to retrain.

WMs: Could the process have been made easier, for instance, if more online training was available?

LF: There is an abundance of online training (this is what I have done). However, it’s very hard to know what’s a good course and what’s not. Also knowing what’s a recognised qualification and what’s not. Once thing I have struggled with is learning the business side of things. Learning how to write well was one thing… learning how to market myself is quite another!

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