Role downgraded in restructure

I am a working single parent and l have been told my full-time post will be downgraded and changed to a fixed-term contract due to a restructure in my department. All other role profiles are on our intranet, but mine isn’t – does this constitute a breach of the consultation period and how can l challenge the downgrade ?

I am unclear how a restructure can justify a change from permanent to fixed-term contract. A fixed term should only be used where it is not certain that the post is needed beyond that term, e.g. for a maternity cover, or where it is tied to a particular period of funding (common in the charity sector). You should be asking why your employer proposes to change your status – i.e. why your post might not be needed after the fixed term.

In any event, not renewing a fixed term contract still “counts” as a dismissal for the purpose of unfair dismissal legislation. If your post is changed, and your contract is not renewed, you should seek advice at that stage as to whether your can challenge this.

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