Is my role really redundant?

My role has been deleted while on maternity leave along with other colleagues of the same level following a restructure over which I have been consulted and which is justified on the grounds that there is too much work for the team. I haven’t been offered an alternative as apparently there isn’t one. Some of the work I do is still continuing, but by those on a higher pay scale who were not included in the consultation. As the work is being done by a role higher than mine is this a fair redundancy?

A fair reason for redundancy is that “the employee’s job no longer exists because the work is being done by other employees.”

It is understandable that you feel you should not have been made redundant because the tasks you were doing still need to be done, but have been given to other people to do.

The important point is whether the work which you were employed to do is still necessary to be carried out by a single person. If it is no longer necessary for the work to be undertaken by a single person, even if it is being distributed to a number of other people, then the job no longer exists and you can be made redundant.

It might also be the case that a % of the work still needs to be done but not all of it. You would need to know whether it is all the work you were doing that is being done by these other people.
You said that the your team has been made redundant and the work passed to a higher paid team. I don’t think it would make sense for the company to paid a higher level of team to do 100% of the same role. I would suggest you ask for a more detailed discussion or an appeal on this if you are not happy with the process.

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