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If you’re reading this, you’re thinking about making a change

Area Directors at Sagegreen HR all had one thing in common – they wanted more from life.

For some it was more flexibility and improved wellbeing, for others it was more time with the kids or parents, some were looking for more control, more money or a better life in general and that’s why they chose to be Area Directors with a franchise at Sagegreen HR.

Maybe you want to get away from the daily grind, the commute, the routine. Home lives change; the kids grow up, parents need more support, partners re-locate, financial security becomes more important, there are so many reasons to want something else from your working life.

Our Area Directors all had different drivers for making a change in their lives and they all had options – they could carry on working 9 to 5 (if only!) for someone else – it’s comforting, there’s no need to get out there and find your own work and you know exactly how much will be going into the bank at the end of the month but it certainly doesn’t put you in control or give you much flexibility. Another option was to ‘go it alone’; set up in business and be the master of their own destiny and that’s certainly possible – lots of people do it, but it’s expensive, time consuming and it can be lonely. The third option – and the one they all chose – was a franchise, the best of both worlds; the freedom that comes from being your own boss and starting your own business AND the support of a team who know how it works and are on your side to really improve your chances of success.

Living the Dream

OK, so that might be pushing it a bit. There’s no doubt that working for yourself has some great advantages but, as with anything, things don’t always run smoothly. So, if you could find a way to make sure there were more ups than downs then you would, wouldn’t you?

What does that mean in reality?

Starting out alone gives you control. You choose how, when and where you work, you choose what work you do (and what you don’t), you decide how big, or small, you want your company to be. You choose the customers and you decide how much to charge.

It also means that you’re starting from scratch. You need to set up a business, sort out the VAT, create a website and marketing materials, find out what works and what doesn’t when it comes to marketing and selling your business, find and sign up some clients, keep them happy, raise their invoices, make sure they pay and, somewhere amongst all that you’ve actually got to fit in the work they are paying you to do.

What if your clients want indemnity insurance? What if they need a new suite of documents creating, an HRIS setting up, or access to legal advice, training, coaching, strategic direction? The list goes on and it’s incredibly unlikely you’re a pro at it all – no one could be.

Who do you ask if you’re not sure about the best way to tackle a problem? If you’re not completely sure about the impact of the latest legislation on an already complex situation? If you’re struggling with cash flow because that promised payment never arrives? Who covers for you when you’re on holiday?

It’s not impossible, but…

There’s so much to know, a huge amount to learn – it all takes time and lots of it needs funding too. It’s definitely an option, but it’s a tough one so if you could give yourself a pretty big advantage why wouldn’t you? And that’s where joining Sagegreen HR comes in, as our Area Directors confirm:

sagegreen debbie

Debbie Johnston – Area Director – East Anglia

After I met Graham and Jane I knew Sagegreen was the kind of company that would support me to build the business I wanted and I’d be up and running much faster than going it alone.

When you join Sagegreen HR you get a business in a box. Graham and Jane share 19 years of commercial experience with you in 1-2-1 training. They cover every aspect of running your own business and at the end you’re ready to fly.

The credibility of being part of a larger organisation is absolutely key to winning retained clients.

You can’t beat the value, you certainly couldn’t do it yourself for less. I can honestly say I feel I’m building a valuable business, not just earning a living. If you want to work for yourself this is definitely the way I’d recommend.

eva sageEva Tucker – Area Director – London & South East

When I decided to become self-employed I wanted to be able to offer full HR services to my clients which would have been challenging, if not impossible, to do as an independent HR Consultant. I compared 4 HR Franchises and chose Sagegreen HR as they had the best initial investment structure and the fairest monthly fee. The flexibility around where I can work was also crucial. I am building my own business but I’m not alone. If you ever need help they are all there for you. Would I chose to be a franchisee and also choose Sagegreen HR if I did it again? Yes and yes.


tarnya brink sage greenTarnya Brink – Area Director – Midlands

I joined Sagegreen HR in July 2015 directly after leaving employment.  Graham and Jane offer a wealth of knowledge, experience and support in business and HR which is reassuring when you are newly formed business. We have a central website, IT support, Marketing and invoicing which allows me as the franchise holder to focus on HR.

Whilst it is my responsibility to generate my own leads, I have been given the opportunity to deliver services to leads received by the central office where they were either in my area or the area wasn’t currently allocated.

There is a wealth of experience across different industries amongst the team, and in addition to receiving ongoing support from Graham and Jane, the franchisees meet regularly to discuss ideas, good practice and support each other resulting in a close working and personal relationship forming between us.

Just imagine you’re now a Sagegreen HR Area Director, what would that mean for you?

A fresh start, one where you’ve a team behind you to support you whilst you create the life you want. It would mean change certainly, and that can be a bit daunting, but if you don’t change something, the chances are your life will still look the way it does right now this time next year. It means new opportunities – new clients of all shapes and sizes with different cultures and commercial ambitions. It means being tested professionally- you’ll need to solve a whole range of different issues, some day-to-day, some more unusual and others which you can file under ‘astonishing’. And so much more!

No two days will be the same that’s for sure but whatever they look like, it’s all driven by you.

There’s lots more to share about being part of the Sagegreen HR Team so if it sounds like something you’d be excited to be part of then get in touch, you can email us for a prospectus [email protected] or give us a call on 01606 333677 – we’d love to have a chat.

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