Sales and marketing jobs top work life balance list

A new survey shows sales development representative is the job with the highest work life balance rating.

A career in sales


What are the best jobs for work life balance? According to a new survey sales, marketing, research and customer service top the list.

Jobs and recruiting site Glassdoor candidates rated their jobs for work-life balance and sales development representative [average salary £27K] came out on top, followed by research fellow [£34K], customer success manager [£40K], marketing assistant [£20K],  engagement manager [£48K] and data scientist [£46K] top the list.

Other jobs rated for work life balance included copywriter, web developer and audit manager. The jobs were rated according to data from Glassdoor’s Best Jobs in the UK 2019 report which is based on candidate ratings. For a job title to be considered, it had to receive at least 30 salary reports and at least 30 work-life balance ratings shared by UK-based employees over the past year. The report grouped jobs with similar job titles.

“Not everyone prioritises money, so if you are looking for a job offering a good work-life balance then these roles definitely stand out. However, many of them also offer well above average salaries for the UK, proving it is possible to find a job that pays good money yet doesn’t take over your life,” said Glassdoor Economic Research Analyst, Amanda Stansell. “Despite very few jobs in the UK being advertised explicitly as ‘flexible’, many of the jobs in our ranking can be found in a wide range of industries, which goes to show that there is potential to keep a reasonable limit on working hours with all sorts of different employers.”


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