Women’s career progression: time to focus on solutions

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Evidence is now overwhelming that the financial performance of companies with a ‘critical mass’ of women at the top is significantly better compared to those without, and yet research shows that companies implementing gender diversity strategies aren’t making significant progress.

Even the best UK companies – the FTSE 350 – still have fewer than 10% of the executive director roles filled by women. Against this background, The Women’s Sat Nav to Success Survey 2017 is being launched. It aims to provide a detailed analysis of where women are against the most potent and strategic enablers of success, measuring how this affects levels of engagement with their employer and attitudes to career progression.

Extensive research by The Women’s Sat Nav to Success Ltd over the last seven years has enabled the identification of the range of strategies, insights and behaviours that make the greatest difference to women achieving their career potential and securing the recognition and rewards they deserve. The research aims to identify which solutions will make the difference and to whom.

The Women’s Sat Nav To Success Survey 2017 launches today and is open through to International Women’s Day (8th March). Supported by Workingmums.co.uk, its aim is to build a picture of women in the UK by sector, career stage, age and other salient profiling criteria to determine what employers, professional bodies and policymakers must focus on to attract, recognise, retain, support and progress female talent.

Founder of The Women’s Sat Nav To Success™, Diana Parkes, explains: “We will be focusing on solutions and discovering what organisations and individuals can prioritise to successfully develop women and accelerate their progress.”

She continues: “Every employed woman in the UK is invited to take part in the survey to define the agenda for positive change to bring career fulfilment to individual women. For organisations, the insights gained from the survey will enable them to target their resources against the strategies that will succeed in recognising, supporting and progressing female talent resulting in them – the organisation – performing at their best.

You can take part in the survey now.

*The Women’s Sat Nav to Success Ltd is a social enterprise and seeks to ensure that respondents also directly benefit from participation. Hence, there is an opportunity for each participant to download their own responses and reflections which will provide immediate insights to guide their personal development planning. Pilot testing of the survey has shown that this social impact will be achieved with 25% of respondents saying that they were able to take immediate action to improve their career situation. You can also order the Executive Report in advance.

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