School Holidays – The Ageing Effect!

Does this sound familiar? – My 2 year old daughter does a wee in the potty. I put in on the table until I go upstairs to the bathroom (to stop the puppy climbing in it). My daughter then tips the potty onto the puppy. The Puppy is now covered in wee. As I mop the floor, my little angel lets the puppy out the back door – bring on the scene where a pregnant lady is chasing the dog around the garden before giving him a bath… finish the bath and the puppy promptly wees on the floor. There has been a real toilet theme to my days recently!

My 2 year old has gone back to nursery school after the summer holidays now. Last week was a tease, with her introductory week, where she went in for just two days, from 8am to 11am. I had barely got home and it was time to turn round and head back again to collect her.

I need to stand on tip toes to see out the garden window, over the pile of paper work I appear to have accumulated but not been able to complete whilst poorly managing to juggle full time child care and work over the last few weeks… I swear that I have gained a lot more grey hairs this summer!

Still, I am delighted with her new school… which she appears to be really enjoying. It is one of those nurseries where they wear a cute little uniform – which I had the joy of sewing name tags into last night whilst watching X-Factor!

My business is running a London based VW Camper hire business, and I purchased a poor ugly duckling of a camper last month to restore ready for the spring. I woke up this morning to find that my husband had taken the normal car to work, so I rocked up to the nursery in this old vehicle that the other parents could not help but stare at as I attempted a “parallel park” behind a fancy Chelsea Tractor. Still, just wait until she turns into a swan this spring – then she will turn heads for all the right reasons!!! Ha ha!

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