Schools seen as ‘bossy’ or ‘interfering with lunch boxes

Headteachers are reluctant to bring in rules on lunch boxes, because they’re viewed as ‘bossy’ or ‘interfering’ by parents, claims Ofsted.

The Food in Schools report by Ofsted inspectors claims parents are more likely to respond better to advice on how to prepare a healthy packed lunch.
The organisation found primary schools were more likely than secondary schools to follow  the advice on packed lunches.   But the item most parents fell down on was a piece of fruit.
The report into 39 primary, secondary and special schools in England found schools’ healthy eating policies were being harmed by the content of  lunch boxes.
Some headteachers had rules for lunch boxes, but others didn’t.
”Some of the headteachers spoken to were reluctant to do this because they did not think that they should tell parents what to do and did not wish to be patronising,” said the report.
”Where consultation with families had been poor or where information had not been worded sensitively, parents saw the school as being ‘interfering’ and ‘bossy’ and reacted against the advice.”

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  • Anonymous says:

    Schools artnt a dictatorship and the parents have the right to decide what they feed the children.
    If true concern is raised then it should be with socal services

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