Seasonal jobs – typical roles and how to find them

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Taking on a seasonal job is a great way to boost your income in the short term. The run up to Christmas and the summer holiday season are peak times for seasonal roles – so let’s look at the most typical jobs and how to find them.

What are typical seasonal jobs?

Seasonal jobs come about because employers need additional staff to cope with demand. In the summer, there tend to be jobs in tourism, hospitality and agriculture, while in the winter the focus is on all kinds of retail and transportation.

But there are also opportunities in many industries in line with their busiest seasons. Did you know that January is the busiest time in travel bookings, for example?  The New Year is also busy for gyms and personal trainers – and people also need help from tax experts as they submit their self assessments.

What type of work can I expect in a seasonal job?

These roles are typically temporary and short-term. That makes them a good option for students who are looking for an income over the summer period, or anyone who is looking to boost their income for a short time.

Many roles are entry-level and will provide full training. As a quick guide, here are some of the typical seasonal jobs by sector:

  • Tourism: cleaning, waitressing, receptionist, booking management
  • Agriculture: fruit or vegetable picking and packing
  • Retail: Sales assistant, shelf stacking, order processing, packing, warehouse work
  • Transport: Local deliveries, HGV driving, taxi driving, food delivery

How do I find seasonal jobs near me?

The first port of call for anyone looking for work these days is an online jobs forum. specialises in roles that are flexible, which includes temporary, short term roles like seasonal jobs – so take a look at our jobs page for ideas.

You can also simply type ‘seasonal jobs near me’ into your search bar – this has surprisingly helpful results!

If you’re looking for jobs in the retail sector, many stores still place ‘help wanted’ signs in their windows. It can be worth a wander round the retail outlets near you to see whether any are recruiting. If there are any stores that particularly appeal to you, it can’t hurt to pop in and ask.

It can also be useful to visit the websites of the major retails chains such as the supermarkets to look for vacancies.

Look for temporary seasonal jobs with an agency

To explore all the options for temporary work, try a temp agency. Temporary workers are big business these days, as companies seek to flex their workforce to match demand.

Temps are typically in demand year round because needs vary by industry. Give a couple of agencies a call to explore the kind of roles they are hiring for and whether they are of interest to you.

When should I apply for seasonal work?

In general, start looking for seasonal jobs before the peak period begins. So, if you’re looking for summer work, start your search in spring. If you’re interested in Christmas jobs, start applying for jobs in September.

But don’t be put off if the season has already started. The very nature of short-term work is that it’s quite volatile – people leave or find other roles which means there could be vacancies at any time.

How to get a seasonal job

Always match your job application to the skills and experience required in the job ad. Demonstrate how you match what they need.

Once you’ve landed yourself an interview, be smart, be on time, be enthusiastic and full of energy. It’s amazing how many applicants don’t achieve this, which can make it quite simple and fast to land yourself a seasonal role.

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