Seeking all ‘sandwich mums’

Are you looking after elderly parents as well as young children? If so, Working Mums and Carers UK want to hear from you.

You’ve heard of the credit crunch, but what about the care crunch? As more and more women leave it till later to have children, many are turning into what are called ‘sandwich mums’ who have to look after young children and also care for elderly parents. Are you one of them? 
If you are then Working mums and Carers UK want to hear from you to  help publicise the plight of what is likely to be a growing phenomenon  in years to come.
Many parents who are facing this dual caring role also need to work  and care organisations are campaigning for changes in the tax and  benefits system to give carers more financial help and make it easier  for them to work.
Carers UK says one in five carers in the UK gives up  work because they cannot manage work and their caring  responsibilities. It is calling for the Carer’s Allowance to be  changed to a two-tier benefit for all carers providing 35 hours per  week, irrespective of age and raised to the level of the State Pension  (currently £90.70 a week). This would have a higher level for carers who  cannot work, but for those who can it would include financial  incentives to help them combine work and care. It would also remove  existing restrictions on the hours carers can study and it would be flexible enough to recognise the different circumstances of carers, for example, the number of people someone is caring for, and the  impact that caring can have on people’s lives.

If you are a sandwich mum, contact

Carers UK is a campaigning, policy and information organisation of and for carers.  Carers UK continues to make a difference to carers’ lives by:
– Campaigning for a better deal for carers
– Informing carers of their rights and what help is available
– Training and advising professionals who work with carers
– Working across the UK through its membership and networks of branches and affiliates. 

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