Self-employed women ‘plan ahead more’

Self-employed women are more likely to plan their annual leave in advance than men, although they often end up working while away, according to a new survey.

The survey of over 2,000 people found 42% of women put money aside each month to cover the cost of annual leave. Only 19% of their male counterparts save money each month, leaving them less prepared for annual leave, says the survey.

However, 30% of women said they worry about the money that they are losing whilst being away from work, as they are missing out on potential employment opportunities.

Some 20% have cancelled a holiday to work instead. When they do get away, almost half (45%) don’t switch off at all, admitting to working whilst taking a break.

Phillip Venn, managing director of Boox, a cloud based accountancy service which commissioned the survey, said: “The reality is that when we are in charge of our own business the stress and strains of securing our next contract or missing a deadline play a much greater role in our lives.

“The self-employed lifestyle can be very stressful, but 66% of women feel that they benefit from the work/life balance.”

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