Seminar promotes good practice in social media

Social Media


People in the direct selling industry need to make more use of social media, according to The Direct Selling Association which is highlighting examples of what the leading companies are doing at a seminar this week.

The DSA has also just launched a new website which has more of a focus on interactive elements and integrates social media channels. The seminar on social media will take place today and will include examples from some of the leading companies, for instance,  Kleeneze’s use of Twitter to communicate with distributors, NYRO’s Beauty Blog, Cambridge Weight Plan’s forum strategy and Amway’s use of YouTube. All of them use social media to open up a dialogue with their customers, says a spokeswoman for DSA.

Paul Southworth, Director General of the DSA says: “We all know how important social media is, and will continue to be in the future. Direct selling is a people to people business, and what we are seeing is social media is creating huge networks online, which direct sellers and businesses can use to easily communicate and talk with potential customers or new recruits.”

“The industry has seen a trend for a growing breed of online-savvy direct sellers who are bringing with them a wealth of IT and social networking skills. It is important to embrace the benefits of social media and we are encouraging our member companies to share their experiences in order to maximise the opportunities these new forms of communication are offering.”

Direct selling is where goods are sold direct to customers out of the traditional fixed retail environment. The Direct Selling Association is the trade body for the industry, responsible for promoting the sector and regulating member companies.

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