Serious conversations

This has been the week of serious conversations with smaller people.

This week has been the week of serious talks. I have finally broached the subject of the ongoing sleepover in mummy and daddy’s bed with big girl daughter and why this cannot continue after May [when the baby is due] – at least not in its present format. I have volunteered my partner to sleep with big girl daughter, but he seems to prefer his own bed. However, come May, when his own bed is occupied by a squealing baby who wakes every three hours, big girl daughter’s bottom bunk might be looking slightly more attractive. She was in the bed again last night, after suggesting that we might have made some progress the night before when she stated in the small hours that she would remove her wee blanket and her pj bottoms if she wet the bed and climb back into her own bed and go to sleep rather than come to our room. She did then, however, add that she was scared and I agreed to cuddle her up. Last night, however, it was not the normal sleepover. Not only did she scratch away all night due to her eczema – for which I truly sympathise – but she wanted to turn the light on at 5am as she had a sore toe. I think I dozed off for five minutes then she woke me again and told me to come to her room. She had put the full light on and was in imminent danger of waking bonkers daughter, who, once awake, would have been far too excited to go back to sleep. I tended to her toe and, by about 6am, she fell back to sleep. Then I had to get up.
Meanwhile, I have been having a serious conversation with rebel daughter about sibling rivalry. I have told her that, after six years, she really must come to terms with the fact that bonkers daughter exists. I thought I was making progress, but she rang me at work to say she was going to watch a DVD, but she was making sure it was one bonkers daughter didn’t like.
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