Should I have to compete for a role in a restructure?

I have been acting up for 28 months. The organisation is restructuring and my substantive post and the post I am acting up in are being made redundant. I am not being ringfenced and find myself in a position where I can only apply for one post. Therefore I am at risk. This is a new post which is a 60% match to the acting-up role and there are no technical requirements. I’m told it will be advertised externally as it’s a different salary band. I don’t mind competing for the role, but this seems unfair given my evidenced high performance. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



I do not think that a proven record or performance is enough to ringfence you for a role or give you priority in that sense and you have stated that you don’t mind competing for the role.

If a redundancy situation exists then it is just a matter of seeing whether there are any other available posts, subject to interview or not.

To prioritise you on that ground, might mean others at risk will be put at a disadvantage.

I would hope, however, in your interviewing for the role, your previous record of performance will be taken into account.

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