Should my son be paid for his contracted hours even if he does fewer?

My son has a 20-hour per week contract. If he doesn’t work 20 hours is he still entitled to be paid for 20 hours? Some weeks he is only given 16 hours and often doesn’t have the full 20. His employer pays the full amount per month but the difference between the hours worked and the contracted total is ‘banked’ and entered as a minus amount and any overtime he then works reduces the minus hours total.

Shift Working


I would advise that he check his contract and ask to see the overtime policy, which should make things a bit clearer.

The precise details of the hours of work should be between him and the employer, and as long as they comply with the Working Time Regulations and the obligation to pay at least the National Minimum Wage, there shouldn’t be a issue.

It could be frustrating that some weeks the full hours’ work are not there, but as long as he is paid for this, I don’t see there being an issue with banking the hours to be made up. As long as he is being paid for any additional overtime (on top of the hours not worked but that were paid for have been accounted for).

I would suggest he speaks to his manager if he still has an issue with this.


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