Should part-days off be regarded as a full day?: ask the expert

I work part time, 2.5 days a week. I only work 3 hours on a Thursday. If I take a Thursday off as holiday I am deducted a whole day from my allowance. Is this right? I thought as I am part time my allowance would be worked out and taken in hours, but my employer says not, but I feel as if I am losing out If I use a holiday day for a Thursday. Who is right?

If you work 3 hours on a Thursday, then they can only deduct three hours from your entitlement – if they deduct a full day then they need to pay you for a full day. So, e.g. if you had a full week off, they would pay you for 2.5 days so that is all they can deduct from your entitlement. If they deduct three full days then they need to pay you for the extra 1/2 day.

Otherwise over time youare losing out on your entitlement and that is unlawful. If they don’t sort this out you can claim a breach of the part-time regulations, but also breach of contract and possibly unlawful deduction from wages.

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