Sick child

Bonkers daughter is very good at wangling a day off, but it is so difficult to know when she is sick and when she just doesn’t fancy school…

I am too soft. My partner tells me so, repeatedly. Yesterday, after standing firm after being petitioned the day before by rebel daughter who said she felt sick in the morning, I gave into bonkers daughter and kept her off school. She had complained the night before of sickness and a headache. She awoke early, complaining of the same thing. My partner has not been feeling well either so I thought there was some grain of truth in it. True, she ate her breakfast okay and rebel daughter left the house, muttering that I had better not think the bonkers one was really sick. However, that girl is just so good at doing sick.
By the time we had to go to school she looked positively green and could apparently hardly walk. I had to take her anyway to drop big girl daughter. We were late, but two parents were collected on the playground. "She does look peaky," they said. One had had her son off sick for two weeks with chicken pox. I felt like some cruel ogre. At the last moment, I relented and she stayed off.
About an hour later she had constructed a tree and net out of paper and flour and water paste and was telling me the story of the tiger and the mouse. She then proceeded to down her packed lunch by around 11am and asked for strawberry ice cream for lunch. My partner was down to do the school run as my mum, who normally does Thursdays, has gone to Argentina so he returned home and sighed when he saw the bonkers one watching a good film with her feet up. I quickly counselled bonkers daughter to act really sick for when rebel daughter returned home as I knew she would accuse me of favouritism at the very least. The tangled webs we weave…She is definitely going to school today. In my defence, I have sent her to school on at least two occasions when she has complained of similar ailments and she has thrown up all over the classroom and this time round I would have been around two hours away if the school called. How do you know when they are truly ill and when they just fancy a day in doing arts and crafts???


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